“There is no greater agony than bearing
An untold story inside you”
Maya Angelou

I turned 24, August 7th and I am not happy, don’t get me wrong it’s not because I am growing older but something quite different.I will graduate this year with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Linguistics, Media and Communication.In school I was taught so many things but there is one thing they didn’t teach me and that’s how to become wealthy.I feel like there is more to life. I feel the want, the burning desire to be free, independent, powerful, respected just to be my own boss. I have this fiery desire to be rich in an excess of 10 million pounds. To travel the world, experience different cultures, meet different people, spend time with my family and make a difference in the world. When a stone is thrown in water it makes ripples, all of us have a ripple effect but the magnitude and the extent is different. I want to make a huge ripple effect;I want to be felt to influence lives positively.

All of us have to start somewhere that somewhere for me is starting a blog. My blog is not one of a kind, any way there is nothing new under the sun everything has been done over and over again. My blog is my journey towards spiritual fulfillment, success, self improvement, power, prosperity, love, health, happiness and wealth. My journey will in one way or another influence decisions you make in your own life and I promise this is a positive journey. A journey towards greatness, take it with me. Grow with me.

I love reading, when am bored I read; in my free time I read; on my way home from work I read. This blog is dedicated to my passion for reading so I will do book reviews and other stuff. I will write a review of every book I read, my aim is to share knowledge, to inspire, encourage and motivate just the way I am motivated by what I read. I will express myself freely, thank God its not a term paper so I don’t have to feel obligated to get an A.

paper-passion-perfume-1-copy1The 12 Universal Laws of Success by Herbert Harris, is the first book I will review. This book changed my life; it helped me discover so much more about how to live a more fulfilling life. It helped me come up with a purpose for my life:
“Inspire, encourage and motivate people, groups and organizations to face life and corporate life challenges for a better, brighter tomorrow.”
My purpose is my map in life, when I reach somewhere and I feel stuck I read my purpose and I find my way. As i embark on this journey of self discovery and paper (books and money) passion i ask you to be there with me every step of the way.


23 thoughts on “MY FIRST STEP…

  1. wow really inspiring. Just some few minutes ago was asking myself why do we have so many socialites in Kenya, why moral decay has been embraced and treated as norm…and the answer is simple. Everylady aspires to be her own boss, live a lavish lifestyle and have money. with unemployment none of this wishes is granted. Nwy bottom line is, am happy you opted to inspire and encourage .

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